Průvodce stroji na omáčky

Sauce packaging machine is an automated packaging equipment specially used for packaging various types of sauces and condiments. Moreover, sauce machine equipment can be widely used in food processing, catering, food packaging, and other industries. You can use it to pack sauces such as ketchup, peanut butter, tahini, chili sauce, mayonnaise, cheese sauce, apple sauce, etc.

KEFAI's automatic sauce packing machine also can be named soy sauce packaging machine, tomato sauce packing machine, hot sauce packaging machine, cheese sauce machine, apple sauce machine, chili sauce machine, and so on. KEFAI has various styles of sauce equipment, which can accurately fill and package most sauce products in the form of 3-side seal or 4-side seal sachets, large bags, vacuum packaging, and bottled bottles.


Here are all KEFAI's Sauce Machines:

Bagged Sauce Packing Machines

  1. Vysokorychlostní balicí stroj:

    These automatic packing machines can automatically package sauce paste at high speed. And the speed can reach 80 bags to 150 bags per minute. The two types in the picture are suitable for packaging paste products with three-sided sealing and four-sided sealing, especially widely used in packaging cosmetics, shampoo, face cream, liquid foundation, pesticides, pesticides, vinegar, oil, ketchup, peanut butter and other products.

  2. Multi-lane Packing Machine:

    KEFAI's multi lane packaging machine can produce more sachets of sauce packs in a short time. The number of lanes can be customized, we have 4 lanes, 8 lanes, and other multi-lane packaging machines for you to choose from. Additionally, there is an independent leak-proof valve in the filling head to prevent the paste material from dripping. The multi-lane packaging machine is suitable for packing all kinds of liquid and paste, such as jam, ketchup, seasoning liquid, soy sauce, oil, cosmetic liquid, skin care lotion, shampoo, etc.

  3. Aseptic Packing Machine:

The measurement accuracy of the Aseptic Packing Machine can reach ±5‰. In the same equipment, you can freely adjust the capacity of 1-5 liter, 3-10L, or 5-15 liters of different specifications. This equipment is suitable for packaging large bags of sauces. If you need to pack materials in a sterile environment, then this packaging machine is your best choice.

Stroj na balení do sáčků na omáčky

  1. Rotary Type Doypack Packing Machine:

    The tomato sauce pouch packing machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and meets GMP requirements. The rotating multi-station can automatically clamp various prefabricated bags, including stand-up bags, nozzle bags, zipper bags, and other bags, and then fill the sauce and heat seal the work.

  2. Stroj na balení výtokových sáčků:

    This filling capping machine is different from the rotary-type doypack packing machine. This automated packing machine only can package premade spout pouches. This sauce machine achieves the purpose of sealing and packaging by clamping the nozzle bag and then capping it after filling from the nozzle mouth. The sauce filler is an advanced machinery for packaging sauces production.
    KEFAI Spout Pouch Packing Machine

Vertical Sauce Packing Machine

  1. Stroj na balení sáčků s omáčkou:

    This vertical packing machine is used for sauce pack, and this sauce packaging machine price is economical. This kind of splint packing machine will have more advantages in cost. It can pack sauce products with side seal sachets. It is our most common and popular splint packaging machine for small and medium-sized enterprises that are just starting out.

    Stroj na balení sáčků na omáčky KEFAI

  2. Sauce Stick Packing Machine:

    Sauces can be packaged in the form of sachets or strip bags by the sauce packet packing machine. If the small sauce packaging machine is equipped with a rounded corner device, it can also be cut and sealed at the end and packed into a stick shaped rounded corner bag. In addition, you can also choose different cutters, such as serrated knives, flat knives and dotted line knives, and you can also choose easy-to-tear devices.
    KEFAI Sauce Stick Packing Machine

  3. Sauce VFFS Packing Machine:

    The Vertical Forming Filling Sealing Machine (VFFS machine) for sauce products can finish measuring, pulling, forming, filling, sealing, and cutting functions. The big bag sauce packer is suitable for packing sauces into pillow bags, pillow bags with a hole, or continuous bags which can pack sauces from 100ml to 6000ml

  4. Sauce Vacuum Packing Machine:

    The vertical vacuum packing machine for liquid pouches is always used for automatically packaging liquid and paste, such as tomato sauce, mayonnaise, jam, etc. It is always used to form, fill, and seal angled pouched with sauces. The biggest feature of this sauce filling and sealing equipment is that it can pack beveled bags, and the packaging bag types are richer.
    KEFAI Sauce Vacuum Packing Machine

  5. Sauce Irregular Sachet Packing Machine:

    The special-shaped bag packing machine can package the sauce into various shapes according to your specified requirements. The irregular bag packing machine has stable performance and strong practicality, which is a good helper for you to pack sauce products. Special-shaped bag packaging machines can be used to package liquids or pastes of food, chemicals, and cosmetics, such as jelly, edible oil, cream, juice, etc.
    KEFAI Sauce irregular Sachet Packing Machine

  6. Sauce Easy-Snap Packing Machine:

    The Easy-Snap Packaging Machine is often used in the food, cosmetic, and medicine industries. Easy-snap packets are good-looking, environmentally friendly, and waste-preventing. Moreover, it is suitable for packing honey, sauces, oral liquid, fruit pulp, lotion, etc. The body of the main machine is made of stainless steel 201 and the parts are made of stainless steel 304. The packaging performance of the sauce filling machine is excellent, the noise is low, the sealing texture is clear, and the sealing performance is strong.

Sauce HFFS Machine

  1. Sauce HFFS Packing Machine:

    We have many HFFS machines for packing sauce. Including HFFS flat bag packing machineHFFS doypack packing machine, etc. In addition, the sauce pouch filling machine is often represent the HFFS spout pouch packing machine. This sauce packaging solution is also a doypack packing machine, but the HFFS machine is very different from the premade bag packing machine. KEFAI HFFS obal machine umět complete bag forming, feeding, metering, filling, sealing, date printing, nitrogen filling, counting, a finished product delivery. It je suitable for filling rozličný liquids a pastes takový tak jako juice, milk, ketchup, shampoo, oil, etc.

     KEFAI HFFS plochý balicí stroj s nepravidelným tvarem  KEFAI HFFS Doypack Pouch Packing Machine

Sauce Cup Filling Sealing Machine

  1. Linear Cup Packing Machine for Sauce:

    The four lanes linear filling machine can automatically package sauces in plastic cups, paper cups, aluminum cups, and other cups, boxes, and containers. The entire production process of the automatic sauce filling machine can be completed automatically, including cup dropping, filling, film release, sealing, and cup splitting. The Sauce Filling Sealing System is very popular.

    KEFAI Linear Cup Packing Machine

  2. Rotary Cup Packing Machine for Sauce:

    The entire body of the sauce filling system is made of stainless steel, which is often suitable for all kinds of yogurt, milk, juice, spices, jam, tofu and other products. It can automatically complete the cup drop, filling, lid delivery, sealing and cup out. The sauce packaging equipment has the advantages of an intelligent digital temperature control system, high sealing strength, good sealing effect, and low failure. It is the preferred product for the automated production of enterprises.

  3. Sauce Blister Packing Machine:

    The stroj na balení tekutých blistrů is suitable for aluminum-plastic composite sealed packaging of confectionery, liquids, pastes and irregular shapes in sauces food, cosmetics, medical equipment and other industries. KEFAI sauce blister packaging machine has reached the domestic advanced level. The sauce filling machine is suitable for jam, ointment liquid, paste and irregularly shaped aluminum-plastic composite sealed packaging in medical, food, cosmetics, medical equipment and other industries.

    KEFAI Liquid Blister Packing Machine

Sauce Bottle Filling Machine

  1. Stroj na stáčení omáčky:

    The Three in One Filling Machine je an industrial zařízení že použitý na fill liquid bottles, obvykle v a beverage industry. We called it "3 v 1" because it combines three basic functions (flushing, filling, capping) do one machine. The main electrical components of this Sauce filling machine use internationally renowned brands, and the brands can also be designated according to customer requirements. This machine has the remarkable characteristics of fast filling speed, the same height from the liquid level in the tank to the mouth of the tank after filling, stable operation of the whole machine, good sealing quality, beautiful appearance, easy to use and maintain.

    KEFAI Sauce Bottling Machine

  2. Sauce Canning Machine:

    Unlike a manual sauce filling machine, using an automatic sauce filling machine will filling more accurate. If you want to own a hot sauce bottle filling machine, you can also equip with a sauce maker machine, a sauce mixing machine, a sauce capping machine, and a sauce labeling machine to constitute a full sauce filling production line. There are many models of sauce filling machines from KEFAI, you can ask our customer service staff for specific inquiries.
    KEFAI Sauce Filling Machine

  3. Sauce Bag in Box Filling Machine:

    The aseptic bag in box filling machines are commonly used in industries that require efficient and hygienic packaging of liquids, including the food and beverage industry, the dairy industry, the wine industry, and the chemical industry. These bib machines help extend the shelf life of liquid products while ensuring product quality and safety.
    KEFAI has many types of automatic bag-in-box filling machines:
    KEFAI BIB Filling Machine KEFAI Automatic BIB Filling Machine KEFAI Fully Automatic BIB Filling Machine KEFAI Bag In Drum Filling Machine



All in all, sauce packaging is a very important process and needs to comply with the rules in the food industry. In the long run, it is the best choice to customize a suitable sauce filling and packing machine to meet your packaging requirements.

KEFAI can give you the best sauce packing solution including sauce manufacturing machines for front-end zařízení, sauce filling a obal machines, nebo balení a sealing machines for tail-end equipment. We guarantee that you will like this sauce packer.

Our sauce production line is designed to provide excellent performance and reliability to ensure that your delicious sauces, condiments, and ingredients are perfectly packaged. Whether it is high-concentration sauces, thick ingredients, or diluted liquids, our sauce machines are flexible and can adapt to the packaging needs of various products. Our equipment is designed with food safety, production efficiency, and product appearance requirements in mind to ensure that your sauce line stands out in the market.

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